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There’s Is An Overflow – SINACH Served up New Music! [With Video And Lyrics]


International and Acclaimed Worship Leader Sinach served up a new worship piece video recorded live at the Love World Arena, Lekki-Lagos, Nigeria. ” There’s An Overflow

Sinach – There’s an Overflow It’s a song of hope; a prophetic song the Spirit of God gave me to herald a new level for His people, and a distribution of His Spirit and grace in these days.

This is a very special song to me. Long before now, I have ministered to myself many times with this song, and no instance went without a tremendous supply of the anointing!

Listen to the song; let the lyrics soak in, and begin to declare with me as I lead you with this song into the new levels God has prepared for you!

Watch Video & Download Audio Below;





There’s An Overflow by SINACH 
There’s an outpouring of abundance 
New doors have been opened 
The land it is green 
A new grace has been released 
The glory of the later 
Is greater than the former 
The blessing is here , all here 
There’s an Overflow
Abundance of favor 
It’s a new level x2
There is an Overflow 
Abundance of blessing 
I’ve taken over 2x

I see the nations, come to me 
They receive answers from my lips 
I am shinning as a house on a hill
My greatness cannot hidden
It’s beyond my wildest dreams 
What the Lord is doing 
It’s my reality , my reality 
Walking in an abundance 
Moving with the speed of the Holy Ghost 
I am are favored 
It’s a new level 
I’ve taken over 



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